Ancestral Spirits

Ancestral spirits

Ancestral spirits are the spirits of relatives who have passed away. When a person dies their physical body remains on earth but their spirit joins the universal spirit realm

Ancestral appeasement

Traditional healers have the ability to communicate with the ancestral spirits & appease them of any wrong doing or anger they might have against you. I will help you enable your deceased family members find continuous happiness in the after-life, & reinforce the unity of family and lineage. Your ancestral lineage is a very important focal point in your overall success in this life as they are a channel of your requests to the spiritual world. We live in a multidimensional reality here on earth with various beings existing some visible & some not visible influencing our lives. Traditional healers are gifted with the ability to see the spiritual world & communicate & influence deities.

Invoke the Ancestors

Ancestral spiritsInvoke the Ancestors with the help of a traditional healer Joseph to find answers to life’s questions, heal spiritual root causes of your problems & appeasement the ancestors. With the help of the ancestral spirits I can use my ability to create luck, produce fertility, solve your problems about love, money & family. I am just a messenger & channel by which the ancestral spirits & spiritual deities use to help the world find balance between the physical & spiritual realms. Infuse positive energies & outcomes in your life. I have the power to invoke the ancestral spirits to help you with a specific problem in your life. Invoke the ancestral spirits to heal relationship problems. Invoke the ancestral spirits to heal financial problems.

Communicate with the Ancestors

Communicate with the ancestral spirits & honor them regularly to ensure spiritual harmony in your life. I will invoke the ancestors using rituals, divination, traditional ceremonies, prayers & throwing of bones. Joseph ancestral invocation will summon the ancestral spirits and a healer will facilitate communication.

The role of ancestral spirits

Every human being whether black or white has ancestors. As long as you have blood you have ancestral spirits. The ancestral spirits are a source of healing, guidance, and companionship in our lives, fighting our spiritual battles. Align your spiritual path with the ancestral spirits and achieve your full potential.

Summon the Ancestors

To summon the ancestral spirits you need to perform certain rituals, chants & prayers with herb smoke. Keep in regular contact with you ancestors will help you achieve spiritual balance.

Ancestral dreams

The ancestors can communicate with you using dreams that will need to be interpreted by a traditional healer. A dream can be considered spiritual in nature if the same dream recurs at least 3 times.

Ancestral worship

Ancestral worshipAncestor worship is based on the belief that our ancestors become spirits when they die. The ancestral spirits have a link with the gods & deities. In African culture we bring our requests to the gods through the ancestral spirits using specific rituals & divination techniques collectively known as ancestral worship

Ancestor worship and belief is an extension of a belief in and respect for elders. The ancestors maintain a spiritual connection with their living relatives. When the ancestral spirits are angry they send a warning using a minor illnesses to warn people that they have gotten onto the wrong path.

The ancestral spirits provide guidance & protection to those living. The ancestors are the connection between the supreme being and the people.

Ancestral divination

Ancestral divinationAncestral Divination is a traditional healing technique used to communicate with the ancestral spirits to understand the spiritual root causes of a problem. Know the future of a particular situation in your life with the help of a traditional healer using Ancestral Divination to tap into ancestral knowledge & spiritual dimensions. Find the root cause of your money problems using ancestral divination. Find the spiritual root cause of your love problems using ancestral divination. Ancestral Divination to help you know your love future, money future, career future or health future. Divination to help you understand root causes of your problems. Heal love problems using ancestral divination. Heal money problems using ancestral divination. Heal health problems using ancestral divination