Black Magic Spell to attract luck and money

Luck is always and mostly considered as lucre, it is such believed that if you have luck then you have lucre, and thus lot of us who do not have money think we are not lucky. In this article of mine I would be writing down a black magic spell to attract luck and money or let me say this as luck and lucre.

Good luck spell for money, job

Magic spells are very famous for few specific spells, like love spells, money spells and of course luck spells, today we will discuss some good luck spell for money, job, etc… A good luck is what we all desire to have, we all want to have good luck when it comes to money, job or any other things, hence today let me first brief you a little with the knowledge of good luck spells and why they are casted and then I will be mentioning some good luck spells which you can cast yourself for a good luck.
Luck is considered to be a very important factor no matter it is our daily life or any special occasion. Thus we need luck to be always on our side. At times we find that luck is not favoring us and this kind of times are when we need luck the most hence at this times what we need is a good luck spell, now like I already said good luck spell can be for anything it can be for money or for a job or for anything special. Good luck spell for money will increase our good luck when it comes to acquiring money, probably using methods or techniques of gambling or betting or at the casino or just a mere lotto draw, whatever it might be when it comes to getting money a good luck spell for money always gives us an upper hand to draw money near to us. Similarly a good luck spell for job would give us an upper hand when it comes to job related stuffs like getting a good job, or getting a hike in present job or might be getting recognized by seniors and being recommended in a job.

A good luck spell for money, job, etc… generally are casted by experienced and learned spell caster who would listen to your problem and then design a specific good luck spell as per your need and requirement, however as said above below you will find two different good luck spell one each for money and one for job which you can cast for yourself and let good luck hold your hand.

Good luck spell for money

You would require a gold coin and a silver coin, you would also require some luck oil, put three drops of luck oil on the head side of each gold coin and silver coin, then stick the head side of both the coins together, hold both the coins firmly with both your thumb fingers and cast the below spell thrice, perform this spell for twelve continuous days starting a new moon day and perform it twice every day exactly at twelve a.m. and twelve p.m. once the spell is complete you will have to make a hole on the coin and slide a black thread on the coin and wear it on your neck as an amulet, after wearing the amulet go and try your luck with money matters like betting or playing at a casino and see how your luck supports you.

Good luck spell for job

This good luck spell for job would help you get through any kind of interview, so if this is your first job interview or even if this is going to be your Internal Job Posting (IJP) interview, make sure to cast the spell right before the day you are going to be called for the interview or sit for the interview questionnaires, or interview exams.

You would need to first place the dress which you would be wearing for your interview on the next day, place it on a red chart paper and cover it with red rose petals, you would also need a bottle of rose water and some blueberry incense sticks. After placing your dress on the red chart paper, light up the blueberry incense sticks and keep it on the middle of the dress, make sure your dress is already covered with red rose petals, then sprinkle rose water on your dress so that each part of your dress gets the fragrance of the rose water. Then cast the below spell thrice or multiples of three until the incense sticks blows off, wear the same clothes next morning when getting ready for interview, pray to the almighty to give you success and help your spell give you effect step outside and do not turn back for any reason.