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How to Cast a Wiccan Moonlight Money Spell

Silver responds with kinetic spiritual energy in the moonlight, and when used in a money spell, silver coins can be the perfect representation of wealth and prosperity. Even if the silver content is low, coins with silver can be used in a money spell as a symbol of intent. This Moonlight Money Spell has the potential to attract a great deal of money and prosperity to an aura.

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Spell Ingredients

moonlight spellPrecasting Information: Always cast money spells, this moon-based prosperity spell included, during a full moon or a waxing moon. Never cast a money or wealth spell during a waning moon, as it can have counterproductive effects. This spell must be cast on a night of proper money energy moonlight. This means casting the spell on a Full Moon, or during the Waxing Phase only. This spell must be performed outdoors, in direct moonlight.

Casting the Moonlight Money Spell

  1. Cast a magick circle bringing all of your ingredients into the circle with you.
  2. Begin by carving your initials and date of birth into one side of the candle.
  3. Carve the amount of money you seek on the other side of the candle.
  4. Light the candle and chant the words “Money may come and money may go, but today I come to thee, Goddess and ask for you to know. Know of my intent and knowledge of my desire, for it is money I am after and with the moonlight I will strike a major money fire.”
  5. Empty the coins into the cauldron (or bowl).
  6. Pour the water over the coins and into the cauldron as you chant “Bless these coins to attract great wealth, may they absorb your offering, O’ Universe, from the moonlight as well!”
  7. Empty the powdered Cinnamon into the pouch.
  8. Chant the words “May these coins drink of the energy that money moonlight has to offer, and have their fill of money attraction that I have so sought for.”
  9. Take a few moments to close your eyes and meditate on the energy of money and drawing the money you seek to you. The more you have requested, the longer you should meditate (more appropriate). It also allows the pool of wax to build in the top of the candle, essential for the next step.
  10. Drip the pool of wax at the top of the candle into the cauldron or bowl of water.*
  11. Reach into the cauldron and retrieve the coins, holding them high above your head with both hands as you chant “I thank you, O’ Universe, for the return of these coins.”
  12. Place the coins into the pouch and seal the pouch. If you have used a handkerchief, you will have to pull all four corners up. Twist them together tightly and then tie it off with twine or string.
  13. Blow out the candle and uncast the magick circle.

*Always be super careful around an open flame, as fire is absolutely dangerous to people, nature, and property.

Keep the Moonlight Money Spell Pouch on you as often as you can. It will bring great prosperity, wealth and energies of good luck to you in accordance to what you have targeted with the spell.