Candle Magic Spells

Candle Magic SpellsCandle magic spells

A candle symbolizes the fire element and is greatly coveted by the Wiccans. To perform spells so as to conjure positive energy in life. Super Naturals discusses the significance of candle spells in the Wiccan belief system.
candle magic spells
Always have a justified and positive reason to cast a candle spell. Do not intentionally cast revenge spells with a motive to harm others as it may have a disastrous effect on you.
Candles have always been a part of ancient rituals and prayer sessions, they not only provide light but also a soothing atmosphere during troubled times. We see candles almost in every aspect of life be it on a revered altar or wedding or as a source of comfort during death.
Casting spells through candles is the simplest and easiest way of practicing magic, hence it’s also known as sympathetic magic. Wiccans use a candle as a potent magical tool as it contains all the basic natural elements of earth, wind, fire, and water. The wax is of the earth, melted wax is water, the flame symbolizes fire and the smoke is for air.

The color of the candles is considered to be very important as the different colors usher in their own energy and power. Each of the element is denoted by a single colored candle, green is for the earth, yellow is for air, blue is for water and red is for fire.

A candle conceives its own vibration and can be used as a medium of meditation and divination. Given below are the various meanings of the colored candles and the related spells and rituals practiced by the Wiccans.

 Candle magic spells Spell Tips

● Always use a new, clean, and unused candle for the spell ritual. Use just one candle for one specific goal or purpose.

● Small, thin wax light candles or consecrated ones are best used for spells that involve the candle to burn out by itself. Other spells may necessitate you to light and snuff out the same candle over a period of various days.

● Every spell requires the anointing of the candle which is initiated by rubbing the candle with small amount of natural oil or aromatic oil such as grape-seed, virgin olive, cinnamon, almond or jojoba oil. Blessing and protection spells require sanctified or auspicious oil. Rubbing the candle with your fingertips instills the candle with your vitality and positive intention.

● The candle must be anointed with oil in the following ways:

1. Begin at the top of the candle and rub downward towards the middle. Next, anoint from the base of the candle towards the middle where the first oil coat ended.

2. Begin from the middle of the candle and anoint towards the top and then towards the base.

● A beeswax candle has more magic potential.

Wiccan Candle Spells: Color and Significance

White Candle magic spells

white candle magic spells
☀ The White color symbolizes the female energy and vibrates with the Wiccan tradition of the veneration of the Moon Goddess. It represents purity, spirituality, clear vision, peace, spiritual enlightenment, and life-giving.
☀ It is used during the rite of passage rituals of birth, marriage, and welcoming of new ventures, it is also used to cast protection, cleansing, healing, astral guidance, spirit summoning, balancing aura, and building positive health.

White candle Blessing spell

☀ Sending a good luck or charm across to your loved one can be easily done through this spell.

☀ Write down the particular blessing you wish for on a piece of the paper focusing on all the positive energy.

☀ Carve the name of the intended loved one on the candle.

☀ Anoint the candle with oil, could be sacred or fragrant oil.

☀ Close your eyes and think of your loved one and wish for their positive blessing for a few minutes, then snub out the flame.

Gray candle magic spells

gray candle magic spells

☀ Gray color symbolizes neutral energy and dispels an aura of invisibility while banishing negativity, they can be used all time of the year to cast spells.

☀ The Gray candles are for casting clairvoyance spells, remove negative aspects of magic, and cleanse aura.

Gold candle magic spells

☀ The Gold color symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

☀ These Gold candles are for casting money, financial and business gains, safety, creativity, and self-confidence spells.

Gold candle magic spells for Money

☀ Anoint a gold candle with oil.

☀ Take a golden piece of paper and write down your wish for an increase in wealth.

☀ Light the candle and close your eyes visualizing on the wish and invoking the universe to grant your wish.

☀ Once you have visualized and wished on the paper, light the paper with the flame of the candle and let it burn.

☀ Place the burning paper in a fire-proof vessel and let it burn completely.

☀ Leave the golden candle till it burns out on its own.

Pink candle magic spells

pink candle magic spells

☀ The Pink color symbolizes romantic love, friendship, and affection.

☀ These Pink candles are for casting true love. Romance, rekindle old love, the attraction of new love, and well-being of family and friends spells.

Pink candle magic spells for Love

☀ Anoint the pink candle with 100% virgin olive oil.

☀ While anointing the candle visualize your love or the new love you wish to attract.

☀ Carve the name of your love or a heart on the candle.

☀ Close your eyes and visualize your wish for few minutes.

☀ Let the candle burn out completely on its own.

☀ Anoint the pink candle with fragrant oil, after anointing leave the candle on the window sill during new moon at night. This is believed to attract and call out to love in your life.

Blue candle magic spells

blue candle magic spells

☀ The Blue color symbolizes wisdom, intuition, occult power, and higher spiritual attainment.

☀ These Blue candles are for casting spells related to wisdom, meditation, and concentration. Also summoning entities, healing, sincerity, obtaining the truth, and influencing fidelity and loyalty. Plus bringing inner peace, establishing harmony at home, for increasing occult power, and for spiritual protection.

Blue candle magic spells for Wisdom

☀ Anoint the blue candle with fragrant oil.

☀ While anointing the candle visualize your wish and matter on which you need wisdom and enlightenment.

☀ Close your eyes and visualize your wish for few minutes.

☀ Let the candle burn out completely on its own.

Green candle magic spells

green candle magic spells

☀ The Green color symbolizes good luck, success, fertility, and harmony.

☀ Green candles are for casting spells related to healing, plant growth, and the growth of money. Also encourage profits or resources, finding a steady job, and good fortune.

Green candle magic spells for Wealth & Success

☀ Cast this spell on a Thursday preferably during the waning moon, anoint a green and gold candle with sacred oil.

☀ While anointing the candle visualize your prosperity and financial success.

☀ Carve the words ‘money’ and ‘prosperity’ on them, hold both the candles in your hand.

☀ Close your eyes and visualize your wish for prosperity, success, and wealth for few minutes.

☀ Recite these words with closed eyes: “These candles will bring wealth to me in a way that does no one harm”.

Red candle magic spells

red candle

The Red color symbolizes energy, strength, sexual vitality, and courage.

Red candles are for casting spells related to willpower, passion, clear intention, caution, athletic energy, and improve love-making in couples.

Yellow candle magic spells
yellow candle magic spells
  • The Yellow color symbolizes good intellect, memory, and creativity.
  • These Yellow candles are for casting spells related to obtaining success.

In exams, and for increasing one’s intelligence, improve communication, improve mental health, and to deepen concentration. Also to enhance learning ability, and for enhancing language, writing, and publishing skills.

Black candle magic spells

black candle magic spells

☀ The Black color symbolizes banishing or diminishing negative energies and also protection.

☀ These Black candles are for casting spells related to protection, binding and reversal of spells, bring discord and confusion to enemies, breaking up obstacles and emotional blocks, obtain fresh beginnings, and cognition of concealed things.

Black candle magic spells for Protection

☀ Cast this spell with a black candle and salt to banish negativity and obtain protection for your house. Salt is considered as a purifying agent in Wiccan culture.

☀ Sprinkle salt on the outer posts of your doors and windows chanting: “Sacred Salt protect this house, Keep it safe from thug and louse? Protect all those who dwell inside, Negative forces have no place to hide.”

☀ Come back in and draw a circle of salt around the black candle, light the candle and close your eyes and chant: “Sacred Candle, Sacred Flame, Protect this household in your name.”

☀ Keep chanting till you feel connected with the universe and feel the protection flowing inside your house.

☀ Then snuff the candles out, after that light the candles each evening and repeat the ritual till they burn out completely.

Orange candle magic spells

orange candle magic spells

☀ The Orange symbolizes authority and ambition.

☀ These Orange candles are for casting spells related to property deals, career, law problems, attract luck and control, and prophetic dreams.

Brown candle magic spells

☀ The Brown symbolizes earthly goals and animal protection.

☀ Brown is used to casting spells related to self-esteem, protection of household pets, earth magic and telepathic concentration, nurturing, and finding lost things.

Purple candle magic spells

candle magic spells

☀ The Purple symbolizes material riches, more eminent psychic ability, spiritual power, and noble-mindedness.

☀ These Purple candles are for casting spells related to financial gains, increasing psychic ability, obtaining wisdom and divination. To remove curses, for obtaining healing, business success, and for molding people in power.

Purple Candle magic Spells for dreams

  • Cast this spell with a purple candle, a small square-shaped piece of purple fabric, black marker, and large stone of amethyst.
  • Draw an eye with the marker on the fabric, candle, and stone, then place all of them on an altar.
  • Light the candle, then place the stone on the fabric in such a way that the eyes match each other. Place the fabric on your forehead near the psychic third eye location.
  • Look towards the flame of the candle and chant “open it”. Visualizing your intuitive third eye being opened on the forehead.
  • Then let the candle burn out, you can sleep with the piece of fabric under your pillow to get psychic, prophetic or intuitive dreams.

Candle Flame Interpretation

● The way in which the flame of the candle burns during the spell has hidden meanings. A steady flame indicates that the spell is working and the blessings or the wish will be granted.

● If it burns with a hissing sound then there is a spirit, an angel, or a paranormal entity. Its around who wishes to communicate with you. On such an occasion, close your eyes and concentrate to receive the message or guidance.

● If the flame sparks then it indicates that what you have wished for is delusional.

● If the flame dips and remains unsteady, it indicates that the spell is not working. This can also mean that the intended purpose won’t be fulfilled easily.

Candle magic spells are a significant part of Wiccan rituals. Since they add immense positivity in life if used in the right way. These spells are simple and devoid of any religious atmosphere, materials, or setting; and care must be taken to maintain the sanctity of these spells.