Chicken Foot Charm

Chicken foot Spells

Chicken foot charmChicken foot spells are best used for protection of your personal belongings, your home, and your car, etc. Basically, anything that belongs to you that you do not want stolen. It also protects you and your belongings from negative energies or dark entities that might want to invade your space like that of psychic vampires and the likes.

The most powerful chicken’s feet are the ones that come from black feathered chickens.For protection of your home, it is best to place them outside your home right next to your front door. For protection of your automobile, you can hang them from your rear-view mirror in your car. The chicken’s foot works by magically “scratching” one’s would-be thief with its nails. It is a warning to those who would want to do you wrong. It is a warning symbol to the would-be thief that if you steal my shit, I am going to hurt you in a way you have never known. This is similar to seeing a skull and cross bones on a bottle of liquid, which tells you that if you drink this liquid, you are going to die or become very ill.In some parts of the South, the chicken’s foot is used to place a curse on someone. If you found a chicken’s foot charm  placed in your car, your home, or your purse, then someone is trying to place work some dark magic on you. However, any animal parts can be used to do the same thing to someone, when placing a curse on them.

Therefore, if you find any dead animal parts around you that were not brought home by your cat, I suggest that you increase your own “Light energies” to ward off the curse. At this point getting your own chickens foot is not going to help you, as it is too late. You will need stronger protection, such as that of Archangel Michael.You can use a single chicken’s foot with nothing fancy going on, just the dried up old chicken’s foot. Understand that if you do this, you might attract an animal such as a raccoon that would like to chew on that chicken’s foot. That is why it is better to have a painted one, so that the oils are not still excreting from the dried up foot, as they typically do. If they are not painted, they should at least be coated with a urethane. However, that does not really get the message across to the would-be thief or negative entity. It is best to paint them different colors and if you so choose, have other trinkets, beads or feathers hanging from them. This way they stand out and people know that it is most definitely a magical charm. People, who know anything about Voodoo, Hoodoo, or JuJu, might think twice about stealing something, when seeing an animal part hanging near front door.

This definitely sends a signal, that the owner of this home is a practitioner of the magical arts. Chicken foot charmYou can also use to chickens feet and cross them like an X, just like the skull and cross bones. However you decide to use them, be it a single chickens foot, or two chickens feet, you can also use them along with a mojo bag if you so choose.It is best to Charge your Chicken’s Foot with a Prayer to Santisima Muerte, who is also known as Santa Muerte “The Lady of Most Holy Death” or “Saint Death”. Here are a couple of payers that can be used to Charge your Chicken’s foot for protection