Enchanted Earrings

I am now offering enchantingly embraced earrings.

Enchanted earringsMy enchanted earrings are fine jewelry made of the highest quality gold and sterling silver, free of harmful lead, nickel, and other cancer-causing materials. Genuine gold and sterling silver are hypoallergenic so if you’re unable to wear
costume jewelry due to allergies, you can probably wear gold and silver
without a problem.

“Enchantingly embraced” means we perform a custom magickal ritual to
consecrate each pair of earrings before they leave our studio. There is a form
on each page so you may choose what you’d like your pair consecrated for.
This is long-term to permanent (depending upon the item) do-it-yourself
magick. The consecration rituals are personal for you or the person you will
give them to.

Wonderful gift items!

Enchanted earringsThere are no rush orders on our earrings. The custom creation process takes
approximately three days (nine days for diamonds). Some parts are
handmade-to-order and all earrings must go through a custom consecration
process. So please allow up to 14 days for your earrings to be shipped after
payment is secured. It may NOT take that long, but please allow for it.

Gold and silver earrings are designed for very long-term to permanent magick
for one purpose. Our diamond earrings (Champaign & White Diamonds and
Diamond Solitaire) are designed for permanent magick for multiple purposes.

Diamond earrings are specially, custom designed and created for each and
every client. No two are exactly the same. There are intricate, handmade
focuses on each pair. After they’re created, they are shipped to our studio for
a power-extreme high-magick ritual where they’re drenched with permanent
magick. This is an entirely different process. It encompasses every aspect of
magick (goals) so all areas are covered and included.