Pendulum Reading

Pendulum Reading

Exclusive offer for a detailed Pendulum Reading. This isn’t an
ordinary Pendulum Reading. There is a full ritual that
accompanies it. The pendulum, itself, has been in my family for
six generation. The method use is like no other in the world. It’s
a guarded family secret. However, I assure you – the answers are
extremely accurate.

Pendulum readingTo perform your reading, I will need the names of all involved,
up to 10 numbered questions, pictures if possible and an email
address to send the results.

Pendulum readingYour results will be emailed to you. In addition to having them
emailed, you may also opt to have them “personally published” by
beautiful, fantasy parchment with a lace ribbon to scroll, sent to
you via postal mail!!

Normal turn-around time with this reading is 3 to 7 business
days, depending upon how many bookings are ahead of yours.
We will let you know when to expect your results.

Emergency Service Available!
For this particular reading, Emergency Service is within 48 Hours
(but usually completed in 24 hours), Monday through Friday,
excluding holiday breaks. Any Emergency orders received after
Friday Noon EST will be sent within 48 hours of the following
business day.

No scripts EVER!
Every reading performed from scratch!

Note: Due to the nature of this reading, there is no word-count
associated with it. You may receive yes or no answers for some
or all of your questions, or clairvoyant information may come
through as well. Therefore, the reading results could be anywhere
from 10 words to 1,000 depending on what is revealed to me.